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November 24, 2021  

Ep. 171 - Patrick got mutton chops (w. Gavin Matts)

go follow @gavinmatts and get tickets to see him do stand up at https://linktr.ee/gavinmatts

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November 17, 2021  

Ep. 170 - No More Gas

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November 15, 2021  


PART II of this is out today on Patreon! Subscribe to the $10 tier to listen!

In the near future, Patches is well past his podcasting prime. The years have taken a toll on him -- and despite his success, he feels empty and without purpose. But when he gets a call from his agent Price Money about the chance to create an audio novel, Patches feels inspired in a way he hasn't in years. This is Part I of the epic story of the telling of the playing of the video game Sullivan Quest.


@senator_gun as Future Patches // Sullivan // et al.

@kaiklops as Bullyfrog the Toad

@jakebrodes as Uncle Jake

@len0killer as Nephew Thomas

@podaboutlist as "Caleb, Cameron, and Peter"

with @cringe_genius as Price Money

and introducing Mrs. Evolved as Belinda Croaks

artwork by @TheAverageJoey

"Theme from Sullivan Quest" written by Miguel Gallego (@thebad69) go listen to Miserable chillers on Bandcamp

November 10, 2021  

Ep. 169 - Game Boy Never Bored Again

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November 3, 2021  

Ep. 168 - Scintillating Notions

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November 1, 2021  

UNLOCKED: Trebuchet Village Part 1: The Force of 10,000 Dragons

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There's a ton of D&D content on there, including all 12 episodes of Trebuchet Village which just finished today.

Ye Olde Sullivan's General Store employees Evil Stevil, Dogan the Dirt Goblin, and Patrich Yödar set out on an epic quest that takes place untold years before the events of Gun City. Fantasy! Finally!

The incredible poster for Trebuchet Village was drawn by @TheAverageJoey, please give him some love and commission him and give him lots of money, he's the best.

Follow our DM Patches on twitter @senator_gun

October 30, 2021  

Teaser - Premium #103: Halloween II: Special (w. Eric Rahill)

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October 27, 2021  

Ep. 167 - Cop Cream (w. Alex Forrest)

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October 25, 2021  

Teaser - Premium #102: This Just In

Democracy dies in the darknesss https://www.patreon.com/podcastaboutlist

October 20, 2021  

Ep. 166 - The Backwards Universe

caleb is having head problem www.patreon.com/podcastaboutlist

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