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September 26, 2020  

Teaser - Premium #46: Im on the ferris wheel with my friends dad

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September 23, 2020  

Ep. 116 - The Mailbag Episode

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September 19, 2020  

Teaser - Premium #45: You play too much

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September 16, 2020  

UNLOCKED: Gun City: A Broad’s City: The Uncle’s Falcon: Part 1


A new adventure begins to unfold in the treacherous streets of Gun City...

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September 12, 2020  

Teaser - Premium #44: The Next Patrick

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September 9, 2020  

Ep. 115 - Miranda Cosgrove visits Pakistan

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September 5, 2020  

Teaser - Premium #43: Mike Birsmalllia

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September 2, 2020  

Ep. 114 - The $100 experience

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August 26, 2020  

Ep. 113 - My Podna Fodded

Patrick was a white rapper in high school. Support his music at www.patreon.com/podcastaboutlist

August 22, 2020  

Teaser - Premium #41: Fecious Beciousman (w. Felix Biederman)

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