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May 18, 2022  

UNLOCKED: Premium #128: Even a Peppermint

we're on tour right now and we're habing soooo much fun www.swagpoop.com/shows

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May 11, 2022  

Ep. 193 - Peetrick (w. Home Planet)

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we are on tour right now! www.swagpoop.com/shows


May 4, 2022  

Ep. 192 - Cartmans Friend

Tour starts next week! Make sure to buy your tickets at www.swagpoop.com/shows

April 27, 2022  

Ep. 191 - You Might Be A Matcher (w. Pierce)

follow pierce @cringe_genius and follow pierce and us on tour at www.swagpoop.com/shows

April 20, 2022  

Ep. 190 - Doggy Doo Board Game

buy tour tickets at www.swagpoop.com/shows

April 13, 2022  

Ep. 189 - My Masterpiece Sperms

buy TOUR TICKETS at www.swagpoop.com/shows and subscribe to www.patreon.com/podcastaboutlist

April 6, 2022  

Ep. 188 - Oh Great.More Talk About P**p (w. Home Planet)

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go buy tickets to the tour (we added an 18+ chicago show) at www.swagpoop.com/shows

March 30, 2022  

Ep. 187 - Kung Fu Panda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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March 23, 2022  

Ep. 186 - Dear Sullivan

we did an advice column today. adding a second LA show and a SF show. buy tix at swagpoop.com/shows and play awesome HTML games.

March 16, 2022  

Ep. 185 - The People v. Patrick Doran

A trial for the horrific and shocking case of the kidnapping of Djungelskog the cute and innocent monkey.

featuring Joe and Alex from Home Planet @home__planet

go buy tour tickets at www.swagpoop.com/shows

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