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January 26, 2022  

Ep. 179 - Cameron’s Diary

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January 24, 2022  

TEASER: GUN CITY: Sullivan’s Eleven: Part 1: One Last Job

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Ray William Johnson, Blotoss Piss, and Patrick Yoda are back in Sullivan's Eleven, a slick new entry in the Gun City franchise. Old and new allies and enemies are everywhere, including Barry Gee (played by Jubio) and Travis Ocelot (played by Pierce), as the best con men on Planet Ebaum must decide if they're willing to risk it all by carrying out one... last... job...
Dungeon mastered by the beautiful @senator_gun and starring wonderful @jubio55 and awesome @cringe_genius. Sick ass poster by the masterful @TheAverageJoey. we had some audio issues on this one so don't complain
January 19, 2022  

Ep. 178 - I want to wear a thog

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January 15, 2022  

TEASER: Premium #114: The Mind Battle of 2022

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January 12, 2022  

Ep. 177 - Wordsmith’s Confabulation

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January 5, 2022  

Ep. 176 - She 5ing on my 1 till i 500,000,000

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December 29, 2021  
December 24, 2021  

TEASER: Premium #111: Welcome to ClausNet

3 years of podcast about list. unbelievable. merry christmas. or, if you don't celebrate that, happy birthday

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December 22, 2021  

Ep. 174 - Behind Boy

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December 15, 2021  

Ep. 173 - Mr Peppermint

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